Systems Change Consulting

Karen champions systems change that benefit your clients and customers, and your staff and organization. Here are some recent examples of her work.

Designing governance structures for county-wide collaborations.
Karen has helped a dozen Minnesota counties plan and implement Family Service and Children’s Mental Health collaborations. The services she furnished include vision and goal setting, role clarity for partners, decision-making structures and facilitating problem solving sessions.

Designing innovative organization structure
A new agency focused on services to developmentally disabled children and adults is implementing a truly innovative organization structure. Together, Karen and the leaders and staff of this agency are going beyond classic teamwork and using the newest information about management practices.

Facilitated the development of a three-way partnership between the State of Oregon Commission on Children and Families, local county commissions, and local providers.
This partnership is responsible for the design and management of an initiative resembling Healthy Families America models. Karen provided design, conflict management and process facilitation services to 12 counties in Oregon, and worked with those groups for nearly 18 months.

Long range plans developed for non-profit organizations
Karen Ray Associates facilitated planning and problem-solving sessions for these Boards which resulted in long range planning documents.

Enhanced cooperation between providers of literacy services in school districts, industries and non-profit organizations
This multi-year project called for collaborative action among 67 Boards and their organizations.

Created a network of 28 counties to improve delivery of services to troubled families:
Karen Ray Associates facilitated retreats, meetings, and workshops to help County Commissions in rural Minnesota deal with family issues such as abuse and chemical dependency.

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